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Recognition of the Odessa State Maritime Academy

It is my pleasure to record on behalf of the Council of The Nautical Institute that the standards of training delivered by The Odessa State Maritime Academy fully meet the criteria for Membership and Associate Membership of the International Nautical Institute.

When carrying out their assessment Captain R.A. Coates and Captain A. Barabanov were able to fully inspect the facilities of the Academy, meet the stuff and review the curriculum and individual course syllabuses.

Having reviewed the assessors Council noted the modern emphasis placed upon information technology and simulation. The assessors commented on the high quality of the stuff, their qualifications, experience and teaching ability.

The curriculum and course content had been well designed to meet the exacting international standards of the STCW 95.

Convention and the assessors were particularly impressed with the calibre of the cadets and officers under training.

It therefore gives me great pleasure on behalf of the Council of The Nautical Institute to recognise that the Odessa State Maritime Academy's professional course fully meet the membership criteria to the Council of The Nautical institute.

Yours sincerely R.B. Middleton

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