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Organized by Ministry of Transport of Ukraine, State department of maritime and river transport and The Nautical Institute, Ukrainian Branch the conference has been hosted by State enterprise "Delta-pilot" at its headquarters in Nikolayev.
Conference objectives were to exchange experience in training maritime pilots and VTS operators in Black Sea countries, to discuss national requirements, training facilities, use of simulators and problem areas.
Conference Themes:
International recommendations and national requirements concerning professional training of maritime pilots and VTS operators;
Use of simulators in training of maritime pilots and VTS operators;
Human factor in the work of maritime pilots and VTS operators. Psycho-physiological testing of candidates;
Organization of pilotage and vessel traffic services. Problems and solutions.
The conference was attended by representatives of pilotage and VTS authorities, training institutions from Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and Ukraine.
The opening presentation on training issues was made by Mr. George Lang, FNI. A profound presentation on role of pilots and ship-VTS interaction was made by Capt. Cahit Istikbal, MNI, Vice President of IMP A; Capt. Loran Kosyr, MNI, professor spoke on Master-Pilot relationship and training issues on this subject. Mush interest and discussion called forth presentation by professor Starikov (Delta-Pilot) on application of methods and criterias of aptitude (ability) testing in maritime pilots and VTS operators training.
Presentations has provided a basis for detailed discussion of the topics concerning international instruments for standardization of training and qualification requirements, ways and practices of their implementation in national regulations, available facilities and Practices of training for pilots and VTS Operators, benefits and shortcuts of simulator training in the area of pilotage and VTS.
Site visits were arranged to Delta-Pilot Simulator training center, modern VTS Center and Traffic organisation service, pilot stations, that gave further food for discussions on practical solutions, demonstrated by Delta-Pilot.
Cahit istikbal, Vice President of IMPA stated that, «This is once more proven that, pilots, when given opportunity and political support, are able to provide the maritime safety services at the highest level»
After the three day conference, a release was agreed by the participants. The participants also agreed to continue such conferences in other Regional Countries, such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia; on a biannual basis.
Conference helped to exchange experience and knowledge between the countries in the region and indicated, that states in the Black-Sea basin, in the mid­term future, are ready for a big jump in maritime transportation and technologies as well as in the training and educational aspect.
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