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The Conference on its conclusion identified the following points and recommendations.
Volumes of sea transportation have a constantly increasing trend and consequently the traffic in coastal waters, channels and port approaches is increasing in countries of the Black Sea basin.
The efficient use of safety tools such as Pilotage and Vessel traffic services will lead to safer and more efficient shipping activity in such areas.
This can be achieved by ensuring a high level of competency, skills and qualification standards for maritime pilots and VTS operators, as well as improving organisational structures and operational procedures.
In order to meet this goal this Conference, taking into account the related IMO Resolutions, IALA Recommendations, continuous advancement in maritime technology, the advantages of using these technologies for training purposes, and also taking into account that simulators are a valuable tool to supplement training of maritime pilots and VTS operators, notes:

  • That modern simulator-based specialised training facilities for maritime pilots and VTS operators are established in Ukraine and systematic work is carried out in the area of establishing and improving of training procedures;
  • The activity of the State enterprise "Delta-Pilot" in the organization of the training and certification of maritime pilots and VTS operators in Ukraine;
  • The need for regular exchange of information and experience between maritime administrations, maritime pilots and VTS authorities of Black Sea basin in the field of training and certification for maritime pilots and VTS operators.
    Recommends that:
    1.The national bodies responsible for pilotage and VTS services, whilst establishing regulatory requirements for training qualification and operational procedures for maritime pilots and VTS operators, cooperate with local and national pilot associations and VTS organisations;
    2.Consideration be taken of the available experience in application of methods and criterias of psychophysiological (aptitude (ability) test) testing of candidate pilots and VTS operators for recruitment purposes and research carried out on this subject by "Delta-Pilot" in Ukraine and other countries of the region;
    3.Regular (2 year period) Black Sea international conferences and seminars on pilotage and VTS issues with an emphasis on the role of human factor be organized.

National Maritime Administrations to support the initiative of regular Black Sea International Conferences on the subject.

The participants express appreciation to the Organizers and to the enterprise "Delta-Pilot" for a high level of organisation, for providing opportunities to exchange experience and to discuss professional issues.
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