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  • Odessa National Maritime Academy
  • National Inspection on Certification and Training of Seafarers
  • The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (Odessa Branch)
  • The Nautical Institute (Ukrainian Branch)
    The Conference was dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of The Navigation and Marine Engineering Commission of The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. During the passed 10 years period 37 sittings of the Commission took place. The main agenda items were as follows:
  • The Levels of Marine Education and Training;
    Seamanship Training, Publication Plans for Marine Textbooks and Manuals;
  • Maritime Industry Specific Educational Standards;
  • Certification of Marine Educational Institutions and Simulation Centres;
  • Preparation of the Documents for Inclusion of
  • Ukraine into "The White List";
  • The Current Status and The Prospects of Training, Certification and Employment of Ukrainian Seafarers;
  • Management of Education Quality.
    Since 1999 two-day International Conferences of the Commission are held annually.
    The October 2004 Conference was attended by the delegates from 37 Educational Institutions, 11 Marine Simulation Centres, 8 Crewing Companies. Total -103 delegates.

    Plenary sittings
    Agenda Item 1. Maritime Education in XXI Century.
    Presented by M. V. Miyusov.
    Agenda Item 2. Education, Training & Certification as a Whole System.
    Presented by I. V. Tikhonov.
    Agenda Item 3. Maritime Education in Ukraine. Past, Present and Future.
    Presented by L. A. Kozyr.
    Agenda Item 4. The 10th Anniversary of The Navigation and Marine Engineering Commission. Results and Strategic Outlook.
    Presented by V. K. Golubev.
    Agenda Item 5. The System of Modules and Ratings as an Element of Bologna Process Realisation.
    Presented by P. B. Merkt.
    Agenda Item 6. The Role of Mass Media in Maritime Education Evolution.
    Presented by V. V. Konstantinov.
    Agenda Item 7. Navigational Safety: The Present Demands and Practical Needs.
    Presented by V. G. Torskiy.
    Agenda Item 8. About the Necessity of Inclusion of the Course "Ballast Waters Management" into Marine Educational Programs.
    Presented by A. I. Sagaidak.
    Agenda Item 9. A New Approach to the Conception of Marine Education.
    Presented by Y. L. Vorobyov.
    Agenda Item 10. Updating Qualifications of Ukrainian Maritime Industry Workers.
    Presented by I. I. Pupenko V.V. Sharapov
    Agenda Item 11. Marine Education Without Double Standards.
    Presented by V. V. Kapustin.
    Agenda Item 12. The Role of Seamanship Practice in Training of Marine Engineer Cadets.
    Presented by V.M. Gorbov, V.P. Shostak.

    Several items were also discussed during the sittings in the following sections:
  • "Navigation"
  • "Marine Engineering"
  • "Marine Radio Communications"
  • "Post-Graduate Education"
  • "Rating Staff"
    Delegates to the Conference adopted an appeal to Ukrainian Maritime Community concerning realization of the principals of democracy and humanism in the System of Marine Education of Ukraine and in accordance with the Resolution of the Conference decided to forward the Minutes of the Conference to The Ministry of Education and Science, The Ministry of Transport and Communications, The Ministry of Agricultural Policy, The Ministry of Defence, The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The minutes will be published by mass media.
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