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The International Scientific and Practical Conference — «Peculiarities of training ships officers for working on vessels flying foreign flags and in the multinational crews» was organized by The Nautical Institute of Ukraine (a Branch of The Nautical Institute) on occasion of the 5-th Anniversary of the Branch and carried out under the support of the Odessa National Maritime Academy, Scientifically Methodical Commission (SMC) «Navigation and Energetic» of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Inspectorate for Training and Certification of Seafarers of Ukraine (IASST), Association of the Sea Pilots of Ukraine, Association of Marine Captains of Odessa, Regional office of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, State Enterprise «Ukrferry», company «GreenPort» and others.
The Conference was held on October 27-28, 2005 in Odessa, Ukraine. About 80 members, including shipmasters, representatives of classification societies, shipping, supply and insurance companies, crewing agencies, scientists and lecturers, Maritime administrators and experts, doctors and clergy participated in the Conference. The proceedings were widely reflected in mass media and TV.
The participants discussed in details the problems of education and training of seamen employed on foreign flags vessels and in the international crews with regard to the requirements of the STCW-78 Convention.

  • shipmasters regarding the influence of education and training of seafarers on the safety of shipping

  • representatives of shipping and crewing companies, classification societies, Maritime Administration and other interested parties concerning the effectiveness of STCW-78 principles,

  • continuous progress of marine technologies

  • existing necessity of improvement of ships crews qualifications and skills

MENTIONING generally satisfactory level of education and training of seamen, resulting from implementation of STCW-78 principles,

EXPRESSINS support of IMO and other organizations efforts directed to the improvement of the standards of education and training of seafarers, the participants

AGREED that national standards of education, training and certification meet IMO, STCW-78 and European Union requirements. Taking into account the fact of frequent employment of Ukrainian seamen in multinational crews, the need of their education and training special details consideration, the participants

1. The Nautical Institute of Ukraine jointly with SMC «Navigation and Energetic», (ITCS), Institute for Post-Diploma Education of Ukraine is recommended to initiate studying the possibility of creation of special courses to be included into maritime educational institutions programs. The subjects will be as follows:
  • Management of Safety in Navigation

  • Maritime Security

  • Ballast Waters management

  • Maritime State Administration functions

  • The influence of Human factor on the safety of shipping

2. To promote cooperation of The Nautical Institute of Ukraine with maritime educational institutions, Maritime Administration of Ukraine, Shipowners, and Classification Societies directed to promotion and reformation of «Safety culture» in Ukrainian seamen society.
3. The Nautical Institute of Ukraine jointly with The SMC to consider the possibility of delivering special lectures in English in order to overcome different languages difficulties in multinational crews.
4. The Nautical Institute of Ukraine jointly with The SMC to apply to Ministry of Education of Ukraine and Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine for consideration of the possibility to exchange students between educational institutions of Ukraine and IMO member countries.
5. The Nautical Institute of Ukraine jointly with The Institute for Post-Diploma Education of Ukraine to study the possibility of creation of «Theological knowledge and Spirituality School for Seamen» which would be useful for seafarers working in multinational crews.
6. The Nautical Institute of Ukraine jointly with the Nautical Institute, The Institute for Post-Diploma Education of Ukraine, Ukrainian and Russian Maritime Registers of Shipping to consider the advisability of creation of Ukrainian-Russian-British Methodical centre that would be occupied with the problems related to the necessity of substandard shipping elimination.
7. To consider the suggestion of Mr. Julian Parker, FNI concerning creation of a working group to be occupied with the problems of excessive quantity of numerous ship inspections in order to form the position of the Nautical Institute Branch and Odessa Ship Masters Association and contribute to salvation of this problem.
8. The Branch in Ukraine to apply to Nautical Institute for promotion of the Branch initiative to take into account NI membership of navigation officers and captains during their employment worldwide.
9. Taking into account the growing influence and power of The Nautical Institute to apply to the Council for advisability and possibility of changing the name of the institute for «TheInternational Nautical Institute» with conferring the status of an observer at IMO.
10. To invite foreign specialists from the countries, where Nautical Institute Branches are active, in order to participate in creation and development of programs, lectures delivery and training in Ukrainian Maritime Educational Institutions.
11. To recommend The Nautical Institute to start issuing a Register of the Members — Technical Consultants and Maritime Experts similar to the Register issued by IFSMA.
12. To apply to The SMC for organization of special courses based on programs, related to the safety of shipping and not regulated by STCW-78. The courses to be organized in Marine Institutions of Ukraine and accredited by the Nautical Institute.
13. During the next Branch Annual meeting to initiate creation of Ukrainian Branch History Book and to present it during the NI Council out session in Odessa devoted to the 10th anniversary of Ukrainian Branch.
14. The Nautical Institute of Ukraine will issue the Proceedings of the Conference in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages and forward it to IMO, ILO, Nautical Institute HQ, IFSMA and other International maritime organizations and to the participants of the Conference.
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