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INTERMEPA honors World Oceans Day

The Steering Committee of the International Marine Environment Protection Association-INTERMEPA met on Wednesday 7 June at the Metropolitan Hotel in Athens, on the occasion of HELMEPA’s 35th Anniversary event.

Present at the meeting were the following Committee members: Mr Warwick Norman, Chairman of AUSMEPA and INTERMEPA, Mr George Tsavliris, Chairman of CYMEPA, Dr George Gratsos, HELMEPA Chairman along with Messrs Dimitris Mitsatsos and Nikos Gerassimou, Director General and Legal Advisor respectively and Mr Aksit Ozkural, General Manager of TURMEPA.

During a working lunch, the members of the Steering Committee exchanged ideas towards strengthening the cooperation of the members of INTERMEPA. Expressing all the members, the Chairman Mr W. Norman congratulated HELMEPA for its 35th anniversary as well as Mrs Sadan Kaptanoglu, Vice-Chairperson of INTERMEPA for being elected the first ever President Designate of BIMCO.

On the occasion of World Oceans Day, which is celebrated on 8th June 2017, the members of INTERMEPA, AUSMEPA in Australia, CYMEPA in Cyprus, HELMEPA in Greece, NAMEPA in North America, TURMEPA in Turkey, UKRMEPA in Ukraine and URUMEPA in Uruguay, honor the theme of this important Day “Our Οceans, Our Future” as it reflects their philosophy.

“The protection of the marine environment and exploitation of ocean resources are compatible providing man exercises care, restraint and understanding” as mentioned in the inaugural Declaration of the MEPAs and INTERMEPA.

Synergy between all the stakeholders of the “blue sector”, in various parts of the world, is an essential element towards effectively addressing the challenges facing the oceans in order to ensure their sustainable future along with that of the world at large.

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