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Anglo-Eastern Seminar in Odessa

On 18th of April, 2017, Bristol hotel, located in Odessa historic center, hosted the Anglo-Eastern seminar “FOCUS ON CRITICAL TASKS”. Over 120 senior officers attended this important event. The list of special guests included the representatives of shipowners – Mr. Lieven Van Eetvelde and Patrick Declerck (BOCIMAR), Mr. Basile Aloy (EBE), and representatives of Anglo-Eastern Hong Kong, Antwerp and Glasgow management offices and Anglo-Eastern Mumbai training center.
The seminar started with the opening remarks of Capt. Bjørn Højgaard, Anglo-Eastern CEO. He focused on the current trends of the maritime industry in terms of addressing critical tasks. The prospects of development of the seafarers' labour market and overall plans and perspectives of Anglo-Eastern Company also came under the spotlight.
It was followed by the report of Capt. Dmytro Petrenko, Deputy Head of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety. He spoke about the role of Ukraine in the world labour market, about the system of seafarers training and certifications in Ukraine, and professional quality and perspectives of employment for Ukrainian seafarers.
Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Managing Director (Group QHSE & Training), made a review of Anglo-Eastern quality assurance, training and performance, while Senior FPD Manager, Capt. Somasundar Nair, focused on Anglo-Eastern manning performance.
Seminar’s special guests also shared their valuable insights concerning critical tasks.
Mr. George Devereese, Thomas Miller Loss Prevention Advisor, gave a very informative speech on Loss Prevention Perspective. Capt. Peter Meyer, Resolve Europe Senior Salvage Master, spoke about immediate actions for Masters to be taken in salvage situations.
Capt. John Lloyd, Chief Operating Officer of the Nautical Institute UK, placed the emphasis on the problem of critical thinking.
Mr. Mykola Senyk, Station Manager / Principal Surveyor of DNV-GL, covered the issues of engine fires, while Mr. Sudhir Bhimani, Anglo-Eastern Environmental Compliance Director, highlighted Company’s 2017 Environmental Challenges and Compliance Strategies.
Mr. Oleg Grigoryuk, First Vice-Chairman of Maritime Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine, reported on the critical tasks, covered by ITF and MTWTU.
The reports were followed by the interactive Open Forum session. It provided an excellent opportunity for the sea staff to interact with Anglo-Eastern managers. This format enabled both seafarers and managers to exchange their ideas, ask questions, and receive feedback.
The intensive day of the seminar ended up with relaxing cocktails and dinner, where the officers and their spouses as well as the seminar’s guests could enjoy their time. Live music and a fantastic show programme, staged at the Bristol hotel ballroom, contributed greatly to the evening’s positive environment.

Capt. Andriy BOYKO, MNI Head of Training Center Anglo-Eastern Ukraine

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