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International Forum on Seafarers' Education, Training & Crewing
MAY 10-11, 2018 Odessa, Ukraine

Welcoming Address Captain David (Duke) Snider, FNI, FRGS, President – The Nautical Institute

As President of The Nautical Institute it is my distinct pleasure to attend and to welcome delegates, speakers and panelists to ETC 2018, the International Forum on Seafarers’ Education, Training and Crewing. The Nautical Institute represents almost 7000 maritime professionals from over 120 countries in 50 Branches. We work constantly within our industry to ensure the highest levels of professional standard and competency in those engaged in putting ships to sea. Our members contribute across the globe in forums such as this to ensure the ongoing improvement in standards for seafarer education, training and crewing, the subjects of this conference here in Odessa.

From the opening ceremony to the final presentations, our hosts have collected an impressive list of speakers and panelists. The experience of this impressive list of speakers and panelists surely rates in the hundreds of years and from every corner of the globe. Over the next two days we will examine recruitment trends; seafarers’ well-being (the focus of this year’s IMO Day of the Seafarer) and fatigue; to various elements in future training and education needs and simulation and CBT related to training.

It is vitally important that over the next two days we open our minds and professional experience to share among our fellow maritime professionals in order to leave no stone unturned in our collaborative efforts to ensure seafarers are provided the best tools available to them to ensure they are well trained and competent so that safety at sea is ensured.

I thank the organizers of this annual event to once again invite The Nautical Institute to participate. Thank you Rector Miyusov for this invitation and thank you to our own Professor Vladimir Torskiy for his invaluable work within the maritime professional training community and within The Nautical Institute.


Captain David (Duke) Snider FNI, President

Captain Snider, an experienced ice navigator from Canada with 30 years in naval, commercial and Canadian Coast Guard shipping, joined The Nautical Institute in 1989 while studying for his Watchkeeping Mate’s certificate of competency. He received his Master Mariner certificate of competency in 1997 and is a member of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada.
Duke has long been a director of The Nautical Institute’s British Columbia Branch and has been an active and enthusiastic member of Council. He was elected Senior Vice-President at the 2014 AGM and President at the 2016 AGM.

Duke holds a holds a Bachelor of Marine Studies degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland, is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and is an internationally recognised expert in ice navigation. As author of Polar Ship Operations, Duke expects to see the start of the Institute’s Ice Navigator Training Accreditation and Certification schemes, which complement the IMO Polar Code Polar Waters Training programmes during his time as President

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