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The Nautical Institute’s AGM and Technical Seminar
23-24 May, 2018

This year AGM and Technical Seminar was hosted by Malta Branch. It is quite difficult
to find more beautiful place for such event. The only disadvantage – during every coffee
break delegates and participants had to fight strong wish to go down and jump into the
This event took place 23-24 May at the Cavalieri Art Hotel. A gala dinner at the day one
of the seminar was served at the impressive Malta Maritime Museum – a remarkable
building, which was stroked by bombs three times during WWII.Historical atmosphere
of the island however, didn’t affect high technical level of the forum. The topics,
proposed for discussion were:

- How technology is driving major change in our industry
- The change in skills, training and professionalism
- ECDIS and their ENCs
- The impact of autonomy
- Superyachts

Presentations on the mentioned topics were made by industry leading speakers,
including representatives from The Cayman Islands Registry, The International
Chamber of Shipping, Steamship Mutual P&I, Wärtsilä and UK Registry.

The most interest of the participants was taken by autonomous ships and their place at
sea. Actually, it was mutually agreed that we are presently at the beginning of the long
way of implementation of autonomous ships into the real sea life. According to the
analysis, presented in one of the reports, it is necessary to change about 50
International Conventions in order to implement autonomous ships into the industry.

Another interesting presentation were about use of block chain technology in maritime
industry. It is very promising, but still difficult for understanding.

Ukrainian Branch was represented by Capt. Alexander Sagaydak, FNI

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