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Speech of the Honorary Secretary NIU professor V. G. Torskiy, FNI:
«Results of the five-year work of the Nautical Institute branch in Ukraine — Nautical Institute of Ukraine (NIU)»

Dear members of the Nautical Institute (NI) and the Nautical Institute of Ukraine (NIU), ladies and gentlemen!
Allow me on behalf of the Committee NIU to welcome you at our conference dedicated to the 5th jubilee since opening of the Branch of the NI in Ukraine.
Quite recently on the border of millennia — on October, 19th 2000, on the basis of the Odessa then state (now national) maritime academy the 39th branch NI in Ukraine, but the first in the countries CIS, Baltic and East Europe was opened. With this aim the official delegation headed by president NI Captain Martin Scott, FNI with his wife and Assistant Secretary of the Institute Mr. Philip Wake, FNI arrived in Odessa.
It is well-known to you that NI is one of the most authoritative and active social organizations in the sphere of Marine Navigation. Besides the Headquarters in London, it has more than 40 branches in different regions of the world, publishes monthly international journal «Seaways», numerous other publications, and organizes seminars and conferences for managing personnel of the fleet on important problems of navigation.
The maritime community of Ukraine received the opening of the NI branch as the recognition by the sphere of sea transport, high appreciation of the professionalism and achievements of our marine specialists — scientists, mariners, dockers. This is also the belief of our colleagues abroad that in spite of the difficulties during the transition period, the Ukrainian Merchant Marine will revive and take an honorable place in the international navigation.
The membership in NI opened for our specialist's access to various information about problems, tendencies and modern achievements in the world navigation. It opened the possibility for them to participate in the arrangements, conducted by the Institute (seminars, exhibitions, publications) at the international level, according to their professional occupation.
The main purpose of NI branch was determined as following:

  • to spread widely among Ukrainian marine circles information about the processes, going on in the marine industry, and about the priority tasks in the research work and elaboration, about last achievements and unsettled problems in the marine;

  • to develop cooperation and exchange of experience, ;

  • to extend the outlook of our marine specialists and to receive additional knowledge on the NI programme; ;

  • to attract to the Institute the sea-going personnel and the representatives of the organizations directly connected with their professional activities as well (managers of shipowner's companies, crewing agents, supplying, insurance companies heads of marine administration, classifying societies, ports, banks and other marine public organizations).

We would like to see among the members of the Institute also the managers of our trade unions, to whom, as it seems to us, professionalism of our Ukrainian seafarers is not all the same, because to receive work much depends on this factor and in the long run — the activities of trade unions.
Special attention is paid to the work with students — future captains and managers of the Marine branch.
Invaluable assistance in establishing our Institute has rendered:
  • Rector of the Odessa national maritime academy, doctor of technical sciences, professor Mijusov M. V. ;

  • First pro-rector of the academy professor Golubev V. K.;

  • First chairman of the Odessa branch, member of the Council of NI captain Latipov V. A., MNI;

  • members of the NIU Committee now working chairman captain Sagaydak A. I, captains Kozir L. A., Borysevych O. A. and others.

I want to express particular gratitude to Kozhevnikova E. E, CNI and to captain Topalov V. P.
When the branch was opened, everyday hard organizational, methodic, creative work started, the aim of which was to build a new organization, which in the opinion of their members must serve to rebirthing and development of the marine fleet of Ukraine. On the 22-nd of March, 2001 our organization was registered as public, non-commercial and received new name Nautical Institute of Ukraine (NIU).
Due to rapid growth of the NIU membership and the necessity to strengthen communications between the members of the organizations who represent different marine offices and establishments of marine transport, it appeared the necessity to publish every quarter journal under the title »Sea Review». The journal was to play the role of the uniting organ, promoting more active participation of the NIU members in the work of the Institute, in mutual solving urgent tasks standing before the Marine industry of Ukraine. The first issue of the journal appeared in 2001, and had 16 pages. Later it had 36 pages and changed its status to the International Marine journal.
Since the opening of the Institute much has been said, written and even photographed about the life of the branch. I don't conceal, this is very pleasant for us, but at the same time it lays on us still greater responsibility and desire to carry out the tasks and aims, set before the Institute.
What has been done for the past 5-year period?
1. A number of scientific-practical conferences were held on basis of our Academy, among them: «ISM Code — opinions pro and contra», «ISPS Code. Requirements. Education and Certification», «Marine education. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow », «Training and certification of Sea Pilots and Pilots — Operators of the regulation services for ships' movement» and other.
2. The constituent meeting, 22 sittings and 5 annual meetings of the Organization have been held.
3. Quarterly international marine journal «Sea Review» is published, which is regularly represented at the international maritime exhibition (19 issues have appeared).
4. At the request of NIU and ONMA verification of compliance of seafarers' training at the Academy and with the criterious of NI membership was held by NI. The corresponding certificate was received.
5. On the address since 2002 site NIU was functioning, which was fully renewed in 2005 with the support of the State Enterprise «UkrCrewing».
6. Badges of belonging and distinction of the NI members and the member certificate were determined.
7. The graduates of the Maritime Academy together with the educational diploma receive the Certificate of Competence and the certificate of the membership in NIU and NI.
8. With the participation of NIU and OSA, seafarers' mission memorial plates to glorious captains and ships were established in the unique memorial chapel named after St. Mikhail.
9. Members of NIU took part in the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Maritime Academy, to which NI President, Captain, doctor of science Phil Anderson, FNI was invited.
10. Information about the Marine Institute of Ukraine and its journal «Sea Review» is being regularly published in the marine reference books of the Sea and River transport of Ukraine.
One of the meanings of the world «Organizo» means union of people, who together realize some programs or aim and action the basis of the definite procedures and regulation (social organization). Social organizations play a significant role in the present world. Their main particularities are:
1. Hierarchical structure;
2. Realization of the potential possibilities and capabilities of the members of the organization;
3. Formation of the unity of personal, collective and social interests and other.
For the last time our society and what is more important the State have come to understand the significance of the independent organizational activity of the social organizations as necessary basic element of the Democratic, civil society.
The public organization is determined at present as independent, self-governing society of citizens, who have united voluntarily and on the principles of equality for realization of any social aims and conducting mutual work according to the chosen programme.
It is stated that public organizations are confidently developing when they have well-grounded strategy, are based on the initiative of their members and use effectively the resources they have.
They reorganize when they cease to correspond to the chosen aims and they perish, when they are not capable to fulfill the aims and tasks set before them.
In the July issue of the magazine «Sea Review» in 2005 lecture of the prize-winner, member of the Steven Jones' Institute, AMNI, «Looking in the Future» has published. I hope all of you read it. Only one thing I want to remember. One of the main theses of the lecture was the answer to the question, which the author put-what we need in order to move forward ? And he gave the answer: «We need for this members, recognition and money.»
We think in the nearest future our efforts must be directed at solving the first two components of the formula: member-recognition.
In spite of the fact that the prestige of the marine profession is decreasing in the world in general, this bothering us tendency hasn't touched the young men in Ukraine, who decided to dedicate their lives to sea. Proof to this is sufficiently high competition at the entrance-examinations at the Odessa National Maritime Academy. But we mustn't relax, because according to the forecast of specialists in Ukraine from 2006 till 2015 the number of young men entering educational establishments of I-IV level will considerably reduce.
In 2005 430 thousand children went to school to the first class in Ukraine, but universities and institutes can adopt for education 700 thousand students.
«How to attract new-members to our Organization?», — put the question Steven Jones. To rely only on enthusiasts or to create attractive conditions for its members?
We think both factors must be taken into account. In this connection I would like to remember that in Ukraine we decided to build an attractive image of NIU, membership in the institute, for example, is taken into consideration when adopting to work new persons. As a result a number of crewing companies declared, that they create more favorable conditions (policy) for seafarers — members of the Institute.
The State Enterprise «Ukrcrewing» (director Captain Zinchenko G.I., MNI) and NIU have signed special Declaration on Intentions concerning affording jobs aboard ships to officers taking into account their membership in the Institute of Ukraine and in NI.
We hope that the Ukrainian initiative will have its continuation and development at the world market of the seamen's labor thanks The Council of NI who will inform about it through its channels. All these measures should make it easier for seafarers — members of the Institute to get the job in companies of foreign ship owners.
NIU fully supports the initiative of NI to give the Institute the Status of the observant member in IMO. Besides that not long ago I sent a letter to the NI Council, on behalf of the Committee, with following proposals intended to improve the activities of the Organization:
  • to create the bank of data to publish a separate booklet (by analogy with the annual bulletin of the experts of the association, published by IFSMA), in which to put down the names of the members of the Institute and from what countries they are, their occupation, scientific and labor achievements with the aim of possible attracting them for solving different questions of the international scale and for exchanging experience;

  • to establish at NI the Scientific Council out of the members of the Institute, who came from different countries, on questions of defending the doctor's dissertations and estimating the research work;

  • to determine grants for the best cadets and aspirants which could be awarded on presentation by the committee of the branch;

  • to change the name of the Institute for international;

  • to encourage (materially and morally) successfully working branches of the Institute ;

  • to invite the heads of branches to the annual meetings of NI at the expense of NI;

  • to attract specialists from the other countries — members of the Institute to elaborate programmes for education, to deliver lectures and to ensure functioning of the training centers;

  • to pay more attention to the problem of defending the rights of the seamen working under «convenient» flags and other.

I want to inform the meeting with pleasure that at the last sitting of the committee the project of the Conception of the maritime policy of Ukraine was approved, which was prepared by the members of NI and by the Marine Civil Commission and will be published in the open press for discussion.
Recently it was announced that the Council of NI accepted the invitation of the Branch in the Arab Emirates (UAE Branch) and will conduct there an annual meeting of the Institute in 2006. We think that the Ukraine branch should advance such initiative, which, I hope, will be supported by the headquarters of NI, too.
In this year on my proposal and the approval of the annual meeting of NIU every year report of the Honorary secretary was replaced for the first time by the report of the Chairman about his work and the activities of the committee of the organization for the coming year.
I would like that in the future we go still further and could examine and approve not only the annual plan of work, but also the respective plan (3-5 years), as it is done by the Head quarters.
By the 30th anniversary of NIU the excellent book, written by Michael Plumridge, FNI — «A Nautical Odyssey «about the history of the Institute was published in London. It is considered that 30 years are not a large period but unfortunately for separate its members this period is sizable. That is why I want to come forward with the initiative, which can receive its development, if members of the Institute support it — to begin collection and preparation of the materials for the 10th jubilee of NIU, to publish the book about the history of the Branch and to organize its presentation at the annual meeting or sitting of the Council of NI in Odessa.
Members of the Nautical Institute fully support the initiative of the NI Council and the 5 year plan of development of the Organization (2006-2010) and will do their best, strain their skills, professionalism to realize them in practice.
For 5 years NIU has become the large and authoritative social organization, which works in the interests of the maritime branch of Ukraine and it is achievement of all the present here members of NIU and guests and I want to express deep gratitude to all of you.
Thank you for your attention!

Honorary Secretary NIU professor V. G. Torskiy, FNI

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