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Congratulations and Wishes to NIU on the occasion of celebrating 5-th anniversary

Nautical Institute of Ukraine, 5th Anniversary Message of
greeting from Efthimios E. Mitropoulos Secretary-General,
International Maritime Organization

When a branch of the Nautical Institute was opened at the Odessa State Maritime Academy in October 2000 it was an important event for the maritime community of Ukraine as it represented the first occasion on which the Institute, which does so much to promote professionalism and high standards among seafarers and others in the maritime industries, had established a foothold in the CIS countries.
Now, five years later, that branch office is formally recognized as a national public organization, the «Nautical Institute of Ukraine». In the intervening period, it has kept its mandate and its ideals in close harmony with those of the Nautical Institute and continued to help maritime professionals in Ukraine to remain in touch with key developments throughout the broader maritime community.
By maintaining constant contact and co-operation with the Nautical Institute headquarters and through its conferences and seminars devoted to international shipping it has become a vital forum for Ukraine's maritime community — not just for seafarers but also for other sectors of the country's shipping industry.
I commend you on five years of growth, development and commitment to the causes that we all share, and I wish you every success in the years to come.
October, 2005

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