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Intermepa moves on the road towards ‘UNITING THE WORLD'S PEOPLE'

The four founding members of the International Marine Environment Protection Association, Intermepa, June 6 signed the legal document/ Articles of the Association, which within days is expected to make Intermepa a legal entity by decision of the Greek Courts.
The four, Ausmepa-Australia, Cymepa-Cyprus, Helmepa-Greece and Turmepa-Turkey, agreed the international association will be headquartered in Greece, at the offices of Helmepa, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association.
Meeting on the occasion of Posidonia, the Steering Committee placed specific emphasis on the cooperation between the Junior sectors of the associations and the Short Film Competition to take place at the hosting countries of the Mepas.
Secretary of Intermepa, Dimitris C. Mitsatsos, the dg of Helmepa, said: «Today's signing is of historic significance as it implements many years effort because we believe the sea should unite the world's people.»
Chairman of Intermepa and Helmepa, Nicky Pappadakis, said that «today we took the first step and the first decisions towards our common future for the benefit of the environment» a view endorsed by Intermepa vice chairman and chairman of Turmepa, Esref Cerrahoglu, the chairman of Cymepa, George Tsavliris and the vice chairman of Ausmepa, Michael Kougellis.
NEWSFRONT 9 June 2006 Vol. 7 / No. 22
Helmepa chairman Nicky Papadakis will take the chair at Intermepa, the international environment protection association. Vice chairman is Esref Cerrahoglu, chairman of Turmepa while Dimitris C. Mitsatsos, the dg of Helmepa, is general secretary of Intermepa which will be headquartered in Helmepa's office at: 5 Pergamou Street, 171 21 Nea Smyrni (E-mail:

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