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There were over 60 participants of the «Round Table», who represented Shipping Companies and maritime organizations, State Maritime Inspection, maritime educational and research establishments, the Inspection for Training and Certification of Seafarers, editors-in-chief of the maritime Journals of Ukraine.
The principal topic of discussions at this representative forum was how a maritime journal of the XXI Century should look like in order to comply with the informational, professional, cultural etc. requirements of the wide circle of readers, members of the Ukrainian maritime community.
The sitting was opened with a brief speech of V.I. Lyubchenko, CNI the Director of the Branch of the Russian Maritime Register in Ukraine. Professor V.G. Torskiy, FNI, the Honorary Secretary of the NIU, editor-in-chief of the «Sea Review» presided at the meeting.
Professor M.V. Miyusov, the Head of the Maritime Economic Complex Commission of the Odessa District Council, present Rector of ONMA greeted the participants of the «Round Table» on the behalf of numerous tutorial and cadets' staff of the Academy, he highly appraised the role and importance of the public maritime organizations, the branches of NI and IMAReST in Ukraine in professional training of the future ship officers, he paid tribute in particular to the «Sea Review» which both due to its contents and outer appearance as well as some other aspects fully answers its purpose and is the source of up-to-date reliable information for the tutorial staff and the cadets of the Academy. He also dwelled upon the role of V.M. Zalyotov in today's achievements of the ONMA both at the national and international levels: his many years long fruitful activity in the position of the head of the Odessa Higher Engineering Marine School laid the necessary foundation for turning our educational establishment into one of the World leaders of training seafaring staff.
A number of well-known people in the maritime community of the country addressed those present with their salutations and their views as to the particulars of a maritime journal of the XXI Century. Among them S.G.Nikulin, Director of the ChernomorNiiproject, Academician V.A. Chikanovskiy, President of the Ukrainian Branch of the International Scientific Academy of Ecology, professor Y. L. Vorobyov, Vice-President of the Transport Academy of Ukraine, professor V.K. Golubyev, the Chairman of the Scientific Methodical Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, A.D. Lapin, MNI President of the Odessa Shipmasters Association, Professor V.V. Sharapov, CNI the Head of the Chair of the Institute of Post-graduate Education. Professor V.M. Koshevoy, the Chairman of the Odessa Branch of IMAReST. Captains L.A. Kozyr, MNI A.G.Stepanenko, MNI, Y.N. Mihailichenko, MNI, A.V. Sorokin, MNI, V.I. Varyushkin, V.A. Latipov, MNI, and many others, also took part in the discussion of the principal agenda topic of the «Round Table» and gave some recommendations as to improving the themes of publications in the Journal, its outer appearance as well as those of other maritime publishers.
Then followed the information of numerous greetings to the 5th anniversary of the Journal received from national and foreign maritime establishments and public organizations.
The active NIU members and the authors of publications were rewarded with Certificates of Merits and special badges of «Sea Review». Honorary Secretary of NIU professor V.G.Torskiy, FNI presented with the Certificate of FNI V.A. Latipov, Vice-President of the NIU.

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