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Congratulations and Wishes to "Sea Review" on the occasion of celebrating 5-th anniversary

Professor V Torskiy MSc FNI
The Nautical Institute of Ukraine

Dear Professor Torskiy,
On behalf of the President, who is currently at sea, and the Council of The Nautical Institute it is my pleasure to congratulate the Committee of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine on the occasion of the 5th Anniversary of their international Journal « Sea Review». It is no small undertaking to publish a regular periodical Journal and it has been achieved with conspicuous success throughout the five years. The content is well presented and clearly of real value in providing professional knowledge and raising standards for safe operations.
We feel sure that the Journal will go on from strength to strength and that you will have a thoroughly worthwhile and interesting Round Table Conference on «The Marine Journal in XXI century» as part of your celebration of the Sea Review Anniversary.
As an input to the Round Table, perhaps we might suggest that Sea Review is used to a greater extent to help Russian speaking officers to develop their knowledge and use of English. This could be done by publishing some of the articles in both languages.
Sea Review is a most professional publication and it deserves to be read by all Russian speaking seafarers around the world. Jkeep up the good work and be justly proud of your achievements.

With congratulations and thanks for raising the profile of The Nautical Institute,
Philip Wake, MSc FNI, Chief Executive

ConsultISM Ltd.
32 Bishops Hill, Acomb,Hexham,
Northumberland, NE46 4NH

For the Attention of Professor Vladimir Torskiy FNI

My dear Professor Torskiy,
Ref. Sea Review — 5th Anniversary Issue
I understand that Sea Review, the International Journal of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine, will soon be celebrating its 5th anniversary. This is an excellent achievement and one well worth celebrating!
I have been receiving my personal copy of Sea Review for much of the time of its production and continue to be impressed with the wide range of topical articles included. Whilst I am afraid that my own ability in reading some of the articles is constrained because of language, I am able to understand the main subjects being considered.
The publication is an excellent example of what a local branch of the Institute can achieve to complement the Institutes own Seaways journal. I hope that other branches of the Institute around the world will follow this splendid initiative.
The publication is a great credit to you, your editorial team and the Ukrainian branch of the Nautical Institute. May I wish you much success for the next five years and beyond.
May I also wish you a successful Round Table Conference.
With kind regards, Yours sincerely,

Dr. Phil Anderson BA(Hons.), D.Prof., FNI, MEWI, AMAE,
Master Mariner Managing Director — ConsultISM Ltd. Immediate
Past President — The Nautical Institute

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