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BIMCO, established in Denmark in 1905, is the world's largest international shipping association, with approximately 2,500 members in 123 countries. The owner-members of BIMCO control a fleet of about 625 million DWT thereby representing 65% of the world's merchant fleet. BIMCO is accredited as an official observer at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Among its many activities, BIMCO provides practical information and counselling to the maritime community.
The BIMCO Board discussed a number of important issues of topical importance to the shipping industry, in particular the issue of Green House Gases and the Climate Changes. The consensus position was reached that BIMCO should continue its work to seek a global solution in IMO for the shipping industry in respect of the 2009 Copenhagen conference to discuss amendments to the Kyoto Protocol. Furthermore, BIMCO will initiate a study aiming to document that the shipping industry, preferably going back 35 years, has acted increasingly environmentally consciously and must stand out as an environmentally responsible Industry with focus on sustainable development. A strong signal was given that
In respect of the association's documentary work, the Documentary Committee approved a number of clauses and a future work programme, details of which can be found on BIMCO's website.
It was agreed that the next meeting of the Executive Committee would be held in Copenhagen on 13 November 2008 with the Documentary Committee meeting the following day.

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