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Jubilee on 28th of May 2008

A festive celebration devoted to the Jubilee - the 55th birthday of Professor Vladimir Torskiy, FNI Honorary Secretary of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine took place in Odessa National Maritime Academy.
More than 60 people came to greet and congratulate V. Torskiy on that occasion, heads and representatives of shipping companies, Ministry of Transport and Communication of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, maritime educational establishments and scientific research institutions, crewing, agent and supplying firms, friends and colleagues of V. Torskiy among them.
On that day professor Torskiy was rewarded with some orders and medals and conferred some honorary titles, the most remarkable among them are: the title of the "Honorary Worker of Transport of Ukraine", the International Academy of Science and Safety of People and Nature order "Silver Cross", medal of the Maritime Community of Saint-Petersburg "Peter-the First", the Title "Honorary Worker of the Russian Register of Shipping" and the highest symbol of excellence of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine the "Distinguishing Badge of Petro Mogila" and the "Certificates of Merits" of the Governor of the Odessa District and the Journalists' Union of Ukraine. One more pleasant event for the professor Torskiy was the arrival on the 28 of May to Odessa Mr. Philip Wake, FNI - NI Executive Secretary.

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