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13-14 November 2002
The Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA) hosted the Seminar on "National doctrine on development of maritime education in Ukraine".

Seminar Organizers:

  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • Methodical Commission "Navigation and Energetics of Ships";
  • The NI Branch in Ukraine;
  • Odessa Branch of IMarEST;
    Seminar was attended by 95 representatives from 25 organizations (11 maritime institutes, 6 training centers, State shipping Inspectorate, Inspectorate on Training and Certification of Seafarers of Ministry of Transport, Shipping Register of Ukraine and Russian Register of Shipping, two Shipping companies, two Crewing companies)
    The issues of maritime education and certification were discussed in 6 Sections.
  • Managers of maritime institutes;
  • Navigation;
  • Ships energetics;
  • Maritime radiocommunications;
  • Post diploma education;
  • Ranking personnel education;

    The outcomes of Section discussions have been adopted by Seminar Presidium and forwarded to Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Ministry of Transport of Ukraine.
    Members of NI Branch participated in the work of three Sections with the main topics on STCW implementation in connection with the Draft State Act on National Maritime Policy, Safety & Security education.
    The Seminar was chaired by Rector of ONMA, Professor M.Miysov, Member of IMarEST, and head of Methodical Commission "Navigation and Energetics of Ships", Professor V. Golubev, Member of IMarEST.
    The Seminar Secretariat was headed by Professor V. Torskiy, Member of NI, Scientific secretary of Methodical Commission "Navigation and Energetics of Ships".

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