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AGM of Ukrainian Branch 27 June, 2008. Chairman's speech

Dear Colleagues,
Today we are reviewing the annual results of activity of Nautical Institute of Ukraine. For me this is not only revision of last year activity, but revision of all my activity as Chairman - new Chairman to be elected today, because I already spent maximum allowed term in this position.
So, what was done during this time? Nautical Institute of Ukraine organized and participated in following seminars and conferences:
- Training and qualification of pilots and pilots-operators of ships' traffic regulation services;
- ISPS Code. Requirements. Training and certification.
- Maritime education. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.
- Specific of training of ships' officers for the work in multi-national crew. (Dedicated to 5th Anniversary of Ukrainian Branch)
- Maritime journal in XXI century. (Dedicated to 5th anniversary of maritime journal Sea Review)
- Maritime law - relevant questions of theory and practice.
- Practice in maritime business: sharing the experience, and others Members of The Nautical Institute of Ukraine took part in many national
and international forums - seminars, conferences, sessions of IMO. We also were glad to welcome in Ukraine heads of Nautical Institute HQ - Capt. Julian Parker FNI, Mr. Philip Wake FNI, Capt. Martin Scott FNI, Dr. Phil Anderson FNI, officials from other organizations, such as IMO Secretary General Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos.
In April I was invited to the meeting of NI Committee, which took place in London for receiving of Fellowship Certificate. I described our activity briefly, which received quite high evaluation.
This month I attended Command Seminar, prepared by NI Belgium Branch, followed by AGM of the Nautical Institute. It was pleasant to hear some good words about our Branch. In particular, it was mentioned that one of two persons, who holds all three Blue, Silver and Gold Certificates of NI is our Honorary Secretary Professor Vladimir Torsky.
He is the person, who recruited the biggest number of members in Ukraine, it's pleasure to say that we have now members - top managers of Ministry of Transport, Inspectorate for Training and Certification of Seafarers, other organizations and private companies. We increased not only quantity, but quality of our members as well. We are proud we have Members - citizens of other countries, which is quite seldom. However, at the same time we have some problems - many Members loose connection with us after couple of years - this is a matter of thinking for the new Committee of our Branch.
As our great achievement I'd like to mention our journal Sea Review, which has readers not only in Ukraine, but abroad as well. The main contribution to it was made by its editor - Professor Torsky.
I'd like to issue our warmest appreciations to the management of Odessa National Maritime Academy for the support and participation in our activity.
Special thanks to the Committee members for active participation in the life of our Branch. I'd like to wish to the newly elected Committee to be more active (as an example - to arrange one of AGM NI meetings in Odessa), new ideas, increasing of membership, and further development of The Nautical Institute of Ukraine.
Capt. Alexander SAGAYDAK, FNI CEO Equinox Ltd

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