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Alpha Ship and our strong ties with the Ukraine

Alpha Ship was established in Bremen in 1994 and since then has developed a strong relationship with the Ukraine and in particular with Odessa as it is from there that we source the vast majority of our Officers and ratings. When Alpha Ship was established in 1994, the aim of the company was to establish a premier container shipping company that specialised in close knit company using state of the art technology, award winning crews and superbly trained crews. From the outset the company set up a manning agency in Odessa, Ukraine Maritime Services, (UMS), who solely represent Alpha Ship and do not supply any other companies.
The Alpha Ship fleet has now grown to eighteen container vessels ranging from 1100 teu to 1800 teu. The vessels are trading worldwide and providing excellent service to our many charterers. It has always been our intention to provide high quality service in a consistent and systematic manner. This service has shown good results with many of our charterers returning to our vessels time and time again. Even in these presently desperate times of falling container vessel charter and freight rates Alpha Ship has been able to maintain good relations with our lasting Charterers.
One of the strengths of our company is the good training and loyalty of our Officers and ratings from the Ukraine. Every year we run training courses in Odessa for both our Senior and Junior Officers in all departments. These training courses are an essential part of the in-house training and are aimed at not only providing training and information but also to receive the suggestions and information from our Officers. For the last eight years we have run at least three training courses per year and last year saw us have more than two hundred Officers through the courses. I am pleased to have been involved in all the courses as this allows me to meet up with the Officers and discuss the problems and difficulties that we can both experience.
After the last training course in Odessa I had the privilege to meet with Professor Vladimir Torskiy, Head of the Chair and Information Centre at the Odessa State Maritime Academy as well as the Head and initiator of The Nautical Institute of the Ukraine. Many of our Officers are very familiar with the Academy and Professor Torskiy having participated in training at the Academy and under the guidance of Professor Torskiy. I have often heard from our Officers about not being able to find sufficient information regarding the supply of good training materials however Professor Torskiy has shown us his excellent collection of books and publications which we will publish in our company magazine to promulgate this information.
We at Alpha Ship always look forward to our “Odessa visits” and these will now take on even greater significance with the good cooperation that we have already received from Professor Torskiy. It is of benefit to us both and I look forward to extending good relations between the West of Scotland branch of the Nautical Institute and that of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine.
Captain John F Dobson, DPA/CSO, Marine Superintendent, Alpha Shipmanagement GmbH & Co.KG

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