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That is unique ecumenical Chapel of the St. Michael in modest placement. In fact the Chapel here is the only one Memorial Marine Chapel - unique in former USSR territory and probably in Eastern Europe.

It was started on the Chaplain of The Mission to Seafarers Capt. Alexander Sorokin own initiative, who is the member of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine and the Odessa Shipmaster's Association . In attempt to save memory about Past of the Marine Trade Fleet, the Odessa Shipmaster's Association and Secretariat of Ukrainian Nautical Institute (Honored Secretary - Prof. Vladimir Torskiy) with The Mission to Seafarers together took a decision to place memorial plaque at walls of the Chapel, one of them is devoted to deceased captains. At the other one names and pictures of sank vessels will be immortalized. At the nearest future it will be create another plaques for Seafarers Memory. Partly this work is already done by seamen-volunteers of The Mission to Seafarers, and it was partly financially supported by the Odessa Shipmaster's Association and some donations.

Every Saturday at time of the Worship names of deceased captains are calling already this times. This is the way how we can save memory alive about the dead people who in many ports of different countries represented Odessa with great dignity.

Reviving respect to marine work in Odessa, very natural to base it accordance our best traditions and with experience of those countries where every stone is keeping thankfulness to seafarers hard work.

List of the names at plaque is not final, everybody who wants to immortalize memory of their beloved ones in constant prayers, may place name of seaman in Chapel. Chapel is placed right on the halfway from the former Black Sea Shipping Company House and Central gates of Odessa port. This is the way that thousands of seamen were walking a lot and many of them are not with us anymore.

The Odessa Shipmaster's Association (President - Capt. Lapin) will plan to solicit for placing memory plaque like those inside the Chapel at the Museum of Marine Fleet in Odessa. In plan is to make there big memory plaque of famous Odessa seamen, but of course it will be more solemnly and officially.

We have no right to seize names of people who made good name to our city from our history.

Capt. A. Lapin, The President of the Odessa Shipmaster's Association;
Capt. L. Pozolotin, The Vice President of the Odessa Shipmaster's Association;
Professor V. Torskiy, Honorary Secretary NI of Ukraine;
Capt. A. Sorokin, Odessa Port Chaplain of The Mission to Seafarers.

Dear Prof. Torskiy,
Thank you very much for the very interesting information you sent, we plan to include your article in the June edition.
Best regards, Paul Owen FNI,
Assistant Secretary General & Newsletter Editor.
IFSMA - International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations

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