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In the network of 10-years anniversary celebration of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine (NIU) the International Scientific and Practical Conference re “Maritime Labour Convention 2006 – stakeholders opinion” took place in Odessa State Marine Academy on 08 Oct’10 which Capt.J.A.Robinson DSM FNI NS, the President of the Nautical Institute, visited as a guest of honour.
The Nautical Institute is the recognized international professional body for qualified mariners and others with an interest in nautical science. Its purpose is to promote high standards of knowledge, qualifications and competence amongst those in control of sea-going craft, both afloat and ashore.
As a matter of fact V.Ships (Ukraine) have been collaborating with Nautical Institute of Ukraine for a long time and being its contributor have been taking an active part in the Institute’s life. At the moment there are 6 Members of the Nautical Institute (MNI) within Odessa MSO: MD Capt.I.Safin, TCM Capt.G.Kukharchyk, CM V.Makoyid, TI Capt.M.Kudymovskiy, TI Capt.A.Fedotov and QM/TI Capt.V.Mamontov. Books, magazines and publications of the Nautical Institute are widely known to marine community around the world and training instructors of V.Ships (Ukraine) Training Centre practically utilize them in training programs during VMS, BTRM, ECDIS and other course deliveries.

On Saturday, the 9th, Capt.J.A.Robinson visited V.Ships (Ukraine) to see the Odessa MSO & Training Center. While visiting he has really been impressed of our crewing/recruiting activities in Ukraine, high quality of the service provided, welfare initiatives such as medical insurance already done for 560 senior officers and their families, our participation on the market and focusing on support of the Maritime Academy and Colleges sponsored modern brand new simulators: GMDSS, Full Mission Bridge, Cargo Handling, Engine Room and simulator for Electric Cadets, computers and other equipment. Of course, the V.Ships (Ukraine) Training Center is the best one having brilliant training facility fixed there including modern two Full Mission Bridge simulators, ECDIS and Engine Room.
In the conclusion the President emphasized the unity of purpose both of the Nautical Institute and V.Ships in mission of increasing the safety culture onboard and valuable contribution in providing professional knowledge and career development for seafarers.

From the left: Odessa MSO QM Capt.V.Mamontov, TI A.Kostenko, Honorary Secretary of NIU Professor V.Torskiy FNI, MD Capt.I.Safin MNI, President of NI Capt.J.A. Robinson FNI, Mrs. Robinson, TI Capt.M.Kudymovskiy MNI

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