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The Nautical Institute revises membership criteria for the 21st century

One of the world’s leading professional membership organisations has issued a challenge to those working in the maritime world to help be a force for change.
The Nautical Institute has announced a major revision of membership criteria to include all those in control of sea-going ships and those who support them. The initiative was unanimously approved by the Institute’s annual general meeting in Cork.
“This acknowledges that in the 21st century there are more than seafarers working to support those in control of sea-going ships,” said the Institute’s Chief Executive, Philip Wake. “It is necessary to recognise that the safe operation of shipping, whether commercial or naval, is now, or should be, an integration of the command team on board and the management ashore.”
“This will open up membership to those with operational level qualifications or those in sectors such as offshore, coast guard, port operations, and the management team ashore. We call on them to join and help make a difference to the way ships are operated.”
He continued: “Membership of The Nautical Institute will help all qualified seafarers keep up with new technology and regulations, and thanks to our new NGO status at IMO we can give members a direct line to that agency’s decision making.”
There are other benefits too. With membership of 6,500 in over 110 countries and over 40 branches, there are many opportunities for networking and to improve job prospects. “There is also the question of professional recognition,” added Mr Wake. “Increasingly employers are demanding membership of a professional organisation and often cite the Institute as an example of this.”
The new criteria are designed to welcome all maritime professionals with qualifications directly into full Membership (MNI) and to recognise professional development beyond paper qualifications. As a result, all qualified sea-going officers will be eligible to join as will pilots, harbourmasters, VTS personnel, Designated Persons and other shore based managers, professional yachtmasters, marine surveyors, maritime lawyers, and maritime health and welfare professionals. A new grade of Associate Fellow (AFNI) has been introduced to recognise professional development to command of sea-going ships; other senior positions at sea, such as Chief Officer and Chief Engineer; and those who have attained senior management positions ashore. Those undertaking initial education and training for a maritime career will be encouraged to join as Associate Members (AMNI) as will ratings, boatmasters and other non-management level personnel.

Full details of the new grades and criteria are available from the Institute’s website: where an application form may also be downloaded. An online application process is also being developed.

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