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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of INTERMEPA is the instrument with the ultimate power according to the Articles of Association. It directs the Secretariat, sets common goals, coordinates a constructive cooperation between member MEPAs and promotes joint initiatives and/or campaigns. Members of the Committee are the Chairmen and Directors of all member MEPAs, each one having one vote except when deciding on maritime issues. Then, the number of votes of each MEPA-member of the Steering Committee is equal to the number of its member shipowning and managing companies of ocean going vessels.
The present Steering Committee is consisted as follows:
• Chairman, Tezcan Yaramanci, TURMEPA Chairman;
• Vice Chairman, George Tsavliris, CYMEPA Chairman;
• Members : Conrad Saldanah, AUSMEPA Chairman;
Dr. John D. Koustas, HELMEPA Chairman;
Clay Maitland, NAMEPA Chairman;
Igor I. Pupenko, UKRMEPA Chairman;
Jose Maria Gamio, URUMEPA Chairman;
Michael Julian, AUSMEPA Executive Director;
Dr Michael Ieridis, CYMEPA Secretary General;
Dimitris C. Mitsatsos, HELMEPA Director General
Carleen Lyden-Kluss, NAMEPA Executive Director;
Aksit Ozkural, TURMEPA General Manager;
Prof. Vladimir Torskiy, UKRMEPA Secretary General
Yuri Gramajo, URUMEPA Executive Coordinator
Secretary of INTERMEPA and Rapporteur to the Committee:
• Dimitris C. Mitsatsos, HELMEPA Director General
The Founders decided the duration of the terms of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman as follows:

Chairman, for the first 4 years, is the Chairman of HELMEPA. He will be replaced by the Chairman of TURMEPA for the following 2 years and thereafter, the Chairman will be elected by the Steering Committee with majority vote for a 2-year term.
Vice-Chairman, for the first 4 years, is the Chairman of TURMEPA and thereafter, the Committee will elect the Vice Chairman with majority vote.for a 2-year term.

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