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The International Forum on Seafarer’s Education, Training and Crewing

125 representatives of 65 companies and institutions from 14 countries have participated in the Forum.
Thousands of citizens and guests of Odessa visited Exhibition.
20 speeches and 3 round tables have been represented on the Conference.
The organizing committee expresses sincere appreciation to IMO, IMEC, ITF, BIMCO, CPMR, Danube Commission, Nautical Institute and the Government of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine for support of the event. Special thanks for organization assistance to official partners – JSC TRANSAS and EPSILON HELLAS.

adopted on 25 April 2013 at the International Forum on Seafarers' Education, Training & Crewing"

Odessa, Ukraine 24-25 April 2013

125 participants of the International Forum on Seafarers' Education, Training and Crewing, representatives of 65 companies and institutions from 14 countries,
BEING AWARE OF the seafarers' contribution to the development of international seaborne trade, international economy and the society as a whole,
SHARING the concern of the Secretary General of the UNO expressed in his annual report "The World Ocean and Maritime Law" at the sixty-fourth session of the UNO General Assembly regarding qualified officers' shortage (Doc/ A/64/66/Add.1);
TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION the fact that the safety of a vessel, crew, passengers, cargo and property as well as problems of prevention of marine environment pollution depend on the qualification of officers,
ACKNOWLEDGING the importance of requirements of relevant documents for ensuring navigation safety and prevention of marine pollution adopted under the aegis of the International Maritime Organization and the International Labour Organization particularly International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973, International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974, International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 1978, Maritime Labour Convention 2006,
TAKING INTO account the fact that seafarers' ability to follow the requirements mainly depends on their constant efficiency ensured by seafarers' education, training and crewing as well as due to providing appropriate labour and rest conditions,
BEING GUIDED BY a desire for cooperation and mutual understanding and having proclaimed «Cooperation for progress» the motto of the Forum,
have found it necessary to draw the whole international community's attention to the following current problems in the area of maritime education, training and crewing.
6. THE IMPORTANCE OF SEAFARER'S JOB for international trade, world economy and world community as a whole. Seafarers' number is about 1.5 million who serve more than 7 billion people. The Secretary General of the UNO mentioned that unfortunately this fact often remained unnoticed.
7. ANTICIPATED QUALIFIED OFFICERS' SHORTAGE and necessity in maintenance of prestige, importance, seafarers job and shipping industry appeal to young people as well as dissemination of negative information and aggravation of the situation around such navigational problems as accidents at sea, piracy, unjustified seafarer's apprehension and lack of their legal and social security, etc.
8. NECESSITY OF INVESTMENT IN CREW TRAINING, particularly concerning: the development of facilities of higher maritime educational institutions for appropriate supply with up-to-date laboratory and simulator equipment; staffing with teachers having enough experience on board vessels; ensuring cadets' practical training on vessels by financing training vessels, enhancing cadets' programs; on-board training to be included into a Company Quality Management System as a part of company strategic development.
9. OBLIGATIONS OF MANILA AMENDMENDS IMPLEMENTATION in due time are mandatory for all parties of the International Convention on Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers of 1978 as amended.
10. RESOLUTION № 16 OF MANILA CONFERENCE IN 2010 containing the call upon all governments that haven't done it yet for immediate ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 as well as ensuring its effective implementation.

Forum participants express their sincere appreciation to the International Maritime Organization and the Government of Ukraine for supporting the International Forum on Seafarers' Education, Training and Crewing and profound gratitude to Odessa National Maritime Academy for holding and organizing such a significant symposium. They also hope that the International Forum on Seafarers' Education, Training and Crewing will become a traditional event for Odessa.

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