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In 2013 Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) celebrated its 100th anniversary

RS is the classification society, established in 1913, a competent and recognized in the sphere of technical supervision. Since 1 November 1969 RS has been a full member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), i.e. RS has participated in the activities of this Association nearly from the time of its foundation. Among main objectives of RS are the promotion of highest standards in safety of ships, safe marine transportation of goods and prevention of marine pollution.
With the Head Office in St. Petersburg, the Society incorporates about 109 survey stations in Russia and abroad, including UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Finland, Bulgaria, Turkey, UAE, Korea, Singapore, Argentina, Cuba, South African Republic and other countries.
Since 1999 RS has been recognized by the European Union and acting in accordance with Regulation (EC) 391/2009 and EN 17020.
More than 1200 highly skilled engineers and surveyors employed by RS provide wide range of service, such as:
• Classification and survey of ships and floating units during construction and service
• Statutory survey
• Design appraisal services
• ISM certification of ships and shipping companies
• Consulting and training of company' management and crews with respect to the safe navigation of ships and marine pollution prevention according to the ISM Code
• Certification of companies
• Certification of internal quality systems of companies according to the international ISO Standards 9001,14001 and OHSAS 18001 (Certificate of registration in National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine ¹80006 dated 27.10.10 ã.)
• Consulting and training of auditors for carrying out internal quality review
• Scientific and research development
• Technical support
• Certification of industry production
• Survey of containers during construction and service
• Comprehensive safety assessment and quality control.
Extensive experience in classification and technical supervision of ships in service, shipyards; as well as certification of materials and products for ships and assessment companies has enabled RS to expand its activities to cover assessment of industrial, environmental and transport safety, certification of products and production processes, companies and organizations and industrial safety expertise.
RS carries out quality control in design, construction, testing and operation of industrial facilities, including those pertaining to oil and gas and petrochemical industries, as well as comprehensive safety assessment and quality field facilities construction.
RS performs comprehensive assessment of wide range of companies, including certification of products, recognition of testing laboratories and production, assessment of quality, environmental and safety management systems including issuance of a Recognition Certificate.
RS surveys large containers. RS fulfills technical supervision during manufacture, testing and operation in accordance with the requirements of the RS Rules, International Convention for Safe Containers, Customs Convention on Containers, International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.
Branch office, Ukraine
20, Polskaya Street, 65014, Odessa, Ukraine
Telephone/Fax: (048) 7860235, 7860234, 7258537

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