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HELMEPA’s Conference at Posidonia 2014 on “Energy efficiency measures on existing vessels”

Wednesday, 4 June 2014 marked the 32nd Anniversary to the day of the conception of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association-HELMEPA, which celebrated the occasion by holding a Conference titled “Energy efficiency measures on existing vessels”, within the framework of Posidonia 2014.

Opening the proceedings, HELMEPA’s Chairman Dr John Coustas, welcomed all participants and underlined the fact that for 32 years, the Association has managed to materialize its mandate in bringing together seafarers, ship owners and other members of the Greek maritime community under a single common aim; to voluntarily work towards the common goals of increasing environmental awareness and bolstering safety and security at sea.

European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Ms Maria Damanaki honored the event and, when addressing the audience, expressed her hope that her presence might play a useful role to the objectives of the conference. She reflected on the importance of the conference for maritime transport and promised, in her capacity as Commissioner, to listen to the issues presented and take the greater environmental concerns expressed by HELMEPA back to the Commission in Brussels. She concluded by saying that “the aim remains to actively seek out a fruitful future cooperation, embracing all stakeholders, taking into account the exponential rise in global population, which demands ever-increasing energy that will eventually lead to the opening of a new chapter on energy efficiency on an international scale”.

Distinguished guest speakers on the panel covered all angles pertinent to the title of the Conference. They each in turn elaborated on issues dealing with the potential for eco retrofit options, the US perspective on ship efficiency, LNG alternatives and bunker consumption monitoring and reporting.

At the conclusion of the conference, the newly-named Honorary Members were inducted, during a special ceremony. Captain Panayiotis Tsakos, Mr. Efthimios Mitropoulos, Mr. Joseph Angelo and Mr. Nikolaos Tsavliris were all presented with a specially-designed Commemorative plaque and Certificate to mark the event. They each expressed their sincere gratitude in receiving this honor and pledged their continued dedication to the scope of the Association.

Lloyd’s Register Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Mr Richard Sadler, together with Mr Lambros Varnavides, Grants Committee Chairman of Lloyd’s Register Foundation (the Foundation) announced that the Grants Committee had decided to extend funding of HELMEPA’s Environmental Campaign and for a duration of a further three years. They both expressed their admiration of the work of the Association in both nurturing an environmental consciousness and safety spirit within shipping and providing voluntary environmental education to the youth of this country.

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