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Continuing Professional Development

In June 2013, the Institute launched ‘CPD Online’, a new web based self development programme for members. The programme is based on a four stage CPD cycle: Research, Plan, Record and Reflect. By following this cycle members can actively plan for their future career and take themselves closer to what it is they aspire to do or know. Through CPD Online, members are able to systemise their learning and make their professional development demonstrable to others. This is achieved through completion of simple downloadable templates which then form part of an individual’s CPD portfolio. To add to this portfolio, Nautical Institute Branch Secretaries across the world have been requested to issue CPD attendance certificates to all members who attend branch technical meetings, seminars and other CPD events. Members are invited to send their portfolios to the Institute annually for professional body validation, for which a validation certificate may be awarded.

To further add to the CPD provision of The Nautical Institute, a new Recognition service was rolled out in 2014 which aims to endorse maritime training products and services which align with the constitutional aim of the Institute of raising professional standards and supporting professional development. Members will benefit from this service by having access to a network of recognised CPD providers, independently inspected and verified by Institute staff.

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