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Attention to readers of the journal “Sea Review”& “ Navigator”!

Attention to readers of the journal “Sea Review”& “ Navigator”!

The Nautical Institute together with the Royal Institute of Navigation publishes the magazine "Navigator", designed to enhance the professionalism of navigators. The magazine is distributed freely all over the world - to the maritime organizations and on the ships. Based on the purpose of the magazine, it is very important that its structure and content meets modern conditions of ship’s operation and the needs of readers, bringing them tangible benefits in the completion of professional knowledge, skills, effective solutions to production problems during the operation at sea.
The Nautical Institute of Ukraine is a distributor of the magazine "Navigator" in Ukraine and carries out a survey among the employees of the maritime industry in our country. Therefore to improve the structure, design and thematic content of the magazine publishers are interested from the readers through a Questionnaire to know their opinions. We ask readers of the “Sea Review” and “Navigator” to answer the questions below. The completed application forms should be addressed to

1. Full name_____________________
2. Education, work place, position_________________________________
3. Are the topics considered in the magazine actual? If not, why not?_________________
4. Is the information given in the magazine interesting and accessible?_______________________________________________________________
5. Is any deficiencies in the design, structure, themes which required corrections?__________________________________________________________________
6. Your opinion and suggestion concerning the structure improvement and magazine content________________________________________________________

We are looking forward to your opinion about magazine “Navigator”

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