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Ukraine Branch Report

During the CEO’s visit to Odessa to speak at the Education, Training & Crewing Conference (ETC 2016 – see separate report) organised by the Odessa National Maritime Academy, he was pleased to meet with a number of the Institute’s Ukrainian members at the Interlegal offices of the Branch Chairman, Mr Arthur Nitsevych FNI. After an introduction about the new Strategic Plan of the Institute in which the role of the branches was emphasised, discussion focused on the benefits of the Legal Defence insurance policy provided by the Institute to active members. It was explained that it is designed to support members at risk of criminalisation in the event of a casualty, particularly where the owner’s P&I cover or Trade Union insurance are not available. The cases of the three current members being supported by the policy were briefly shared to illustrate how the cover works. It was agreed that the insurance policy is a significant benefit for members, even though we hope that most will never need to activate it, and that it should be publicised more including by the branches to members and potential members locally. Other discussions covered the navigation and seamanship elements in the Strategic Plan and how these could be used as topics for branch meetings.
The visit was an excellent opportunity to present Arthur Nitsevych with his richly deserved Fellowship (see photo in June 2016 Seaways) and also a Dedicated Service Award to Professor Vladimir Torskiy FNI, the founding and long serving Hon, Secretary of the Branch. It was noted that in addition to all his administration of the Branch business, Vladimir is a prolific author of publications on maritime safety and also produces the quarterly Sea Review journal of the Branch – an impressive Russian language equivalent of Seaways which spreads the knowledge of the Institute’s work far beyond the shores of the Ukraine.
The visit of the CEO and his wife to this lovely city concluded with watching a ballet in the magnificent Odessa Opera House and tours of the city in the knowledgeable company of the Torskiys. The warmth of the hospitality of the Ukrainian members was greatly appreciated and as ever it was good to see a well run and enthusiastic branch in action.

Philip Wake, OBE MSc FNI

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